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11 May, 2018
Telemedicine and satellite internet for improving the health sector
7 June, 2018
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Satellite backup a backup channel, why is it important?

Through satellite backup you can have a backup channel, you can be prepared for any eventuality.

Currently, it is essential for companies to prepare for any type of inconvenience, from small errors and technical failures to unpredictable events and slow recovery such as natural disasters. Due to the amount of processes and systems that are carried out every minute within an organization, satellite backup systems are an important issue to consider. These solutions provide a contingency link to the institutions which main service has been affected, either in terrestrial or at space installations.

At AXESS we are specialists in these solutions thanks to our leadership in satellite technology. Thanks to the services we provide, companies that require constant telecommunication services can secure the effective and economic continuity of business operations. Apart from having a stable connection under ordinary conditions, the satellite backup schemes offered by this business avoid unnecessary losses to its clients in work centers during any type of contingency.

“Sectors such as oil and health are benefited by having a satellite backup in their own projects.”

Amongst the benefits of backup services, there is the instantaneous switching of data exchange to satellite facilities. Likewise, support in link monitoring can be provided permanently (or on-demand). The continuity of operations is also guaranteed and therefore essential in sectors such as banking; particularly in applications at transaction terminals in the style of Point of Sale and ATMs, as well as in payment authorizations and non-banking correspondents.

Hospitals and health centers could also benefit from the use of satellite backup, so that they could be permanently connected and uninterrupted and timely patient care would be guaranteed, particularly when it comes to accessing medical records or other information files. In addition, these systems are useful on betting websites and electricity generation and carrier companies (particularly in their telemetry of Supervision, Control and Data Acquisition in real time). Another sector that could make use of this technology is the oil in order to support measurements in gas pipelines and oil pipelines of electric valve and meter lines, as well as to remotely control variables of substations, pipelines and duct. On the other hand, communications satellites have a backup in case the backup satellite fails and one of the challenges within this, is the presence of space debris, which can affect the operation of the satellites. (See satellite phone).