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22 September, 2017
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Satellite Solutions in Natural Disasters


Communications are one of the first systems that are affected after natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes. With the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria through Puerto Rico, there were many communication failures; and in Mexico, after the 7.1-degree earthquake, the electrical system was affected leaving thousands of people uncommunicated for days (See satellite phone).

Earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes are natural disasters that can be strong enough to devastate buildings and leave major damage to cities. In recent years, prevention measures have been developed to act in the face of disasters of high magnitude, nature overcomes prevention and human capacity where these disasters cannot be controlled. The satellite internet is an effective tool of our era for cases where nature is inclement.

And one of the examples of application of satellite technology, is undoubtedly in communications. In many cases, as a result of a natural disaster, communication has been interrupted, moments that are essential for both governments and civilians, to keep informed. Having knowledge of what the damages are and how to act after events of this magnitude, satellite communication is essential and in many cases the action programs do not contain backup plans in case of failure.

There are situations that can be prevented, since there is no way to stop the fury of nature, a good option is the installation of a backup via satellite internet. For many economic sectors a minute is decisive because transactions can be generated. In the energy sector, one minute is synonymous of 4 thousand watts transmitted; 581 barrels of oil are monitored in the oil & gas sector and in the banking sector it receives 1,600 transactions.

Amazon, one of the eCommerce giants in the world, has lost large sums in a matter of minutes for not having a Satellite Backup system that supports its operation by presenting technical problems probably with its app or its internal network.

According to a study by the Mexican Internet Association issued in 2016, Mexican e-commerce had a growth of 59% compared to the previous year, to increase the value of its market by 257 billion pesos thanks to purchases on line made by young people, which also exemplifies the importance of not losing the connection in the business world.

In Brazil, according to the International Data Corporation consultancy, 100 smartphones are sold per minute while in Colombia, the annual electronic commerce growth is 18%, according to data from the Colombian Chamber of Electronic Commerce. On the other hand, in just 60 seconds, around 150 million emails are sent worldwide, according to Excelacom.

Having a good measure of Backup, is a viable solution, the satellite internet turns out to be the alternative to counteract communication failures in extreme situations, through this resource, Backup supports the main internet connections. AXESS is one of the leading internet companies with years of experience in the telecommunications industry, serving companies in different sectors such as mining, energy, commerce and infrastructure. By implementing a backup system via satellite internet we would be talking about a prevention and non-correction system, which would save money, time and effort, both to the population affected by a natural disaster, and to companies, so as not to decrease the pace of their operations, since at that time, not only are communications interrupted, sales and transactions of great value are lost in the business world. The cost of backups is accessible and allows companies to access this technology and avoid any connectivity failure in the event of disasters. (See satellite phone)