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31 August, 2021
AXESS SATELLITE CELLULAR BACKHAUL The solution that leveraged the growth of MNOs in Latin America in 2020 and 2021
1 December, 2021
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WTA Announces AXESS as the Independent Teleport Operator of the Year 2021

In recognition of revenue growth, infrastructure expansion, the use of new technologies, the emphasis on customer satisfaction along with an outstanding business and marketing model together with the growth of the satellite industry, AXESS was acknowledged by the WTA (World Teleport Association) within the framework of Satellite 2021 as the independent Teleport Operator of the Year 2021.

What does the WTA (World Teleport Association) do?

Since 1985, the World Teleport Association (WTA) has focused on improving the satellite communications business. At the core of its members are the world’s most innovative teleport operators, from independent operators to multinationals, from specialist service providers to global operators. The WTA dedicates to defend the interests of teleport operators in the global telecommunications market and promoting excellence in teleport practices, technology, and business operations.

The WTA aims to strengthen, highlight, and seek constant innovations in the satellite communications sector around the world. To fulfill this mission, year after year this association rewards the most innovative multinational companies, independent operators, satellite operators, fiber, and technology providers for the operation of teleports in five continents.

These rankings are based on companies’ total revenue from all sources and annual growth, which ranks companies from different countries such as in the United States, Germany, Canada among others.

AXESS winner of the 2021 Independent Teleport of the Year Award

The World Teleport Association (WTA) announced the winners of the 26th edition of the Teleport Awards for Excellence during an exclusive reception at SATELLITE 2021, where AXESS was the winner of the 2021 Independent Teleport of the Year award. The awards are given each year to organizations and individuals in the teleport industry whose achievements have been considered exceptional by the international trade association and its awards committees, including industry members from around the world.

AXESS Networks is a leading telecommunications company that provides satellite-based solutions to global operating companies and corporate customers around the world. The company operates from their facilities and offices in Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, South Africa and KSA. AXESS specializes in designing and implementing highly customized video, voice, data, and Internet access streaming connectivity solutions.

AXESS Networks has more than 9.000 active services worldwide and stands out for its recognized operations centers in Germany, Colombia and Peru with modern Carrier Class data centers and terrestrial interconnections to all national and international operators. Axess infrastructure has been recognized for 7 consecutive years by the World Teleport Association within the 10 most important independent teleports in the world and also as the most important in Latin America in 2019.

What is a satellite teleport?

A satellite teleport is the terrestrial structure part of the global satellite network. Its task consists of providing terrestrial networks with access to satellites in orbit, located 36,200 kilometers above the Equator. They are located in strategic locations around the world, allowing them to communicate with satellites through the line of sight.

In a satellite teleport, large satellite dishes that point to the sky from a fixed position stand position, since satellites to which they communicate are in a geostationary orbit, which means a satellite is always located in the same position in the sky. In addition to satellite antennas, the satellite teleport also houses network equipment and fiber optic links, which connect the location to data centers.

Following this line, a satellite link is a channel through which data is sent and/or received, traveling through radio frequency signals emitted from a main ground station (satellite teleport) to a satellite, in turn, it forwards the signals to a remote ground station located anywhere on Earth, where they become data to have access to internet, telephony, video, and streaming. This is achieved by means of a satellite modem.

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