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15 June, 2022
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Connecting the peruvian Amazon with health

As part of the project Alliance against COVID-19 for the Amazon, which brings together, on one side, the CEDRO Center for Information and Education for the Prevention of Drug Abuse, with the financial support of USAID, and on the other, the Esperanza Amazonica Medical Program and Vine Trust, the native communities and small towns of the basins of the Amazon River in Loreto, receive physical and mental health care mitigating the social and health impacts of the pandemic, being pioneers in Latin America in this type of care.

In two hospital ships, the Forth Hope and the Amazon Hope2, fully equipped with offices for doctors to provide their services and advice to the communities, pharmacy dispensing, clinical laboratory, vaccination and minor surgery room, connectivity becomes the protagonist .

Navigating the river, under any weather conditions, the mission that lasts 20 days per campaign, does not stop. Through the use of high-quality clinical platforms and the latest technology, the medical personnel on board operate, and to support this extraordinary work, AXESS Networks and Intelsat, leading providers of satellite telecommunications, have joined the team by establishing satellite channels on the vessels that allow the Internet access, emails, videoconferences, telemedicine and the transmission of data on the progress of the campaign to related entities, in real time.

Implementing the latest satellite technology, the Amazon Hope vessel now has a state-of-the-art Kymeta flat antenna that will allow the vessel to connect.

Previously AXESS also connected the ship Forth Hope, with satellite technology.

This is how the medical, social and health support program is a pioneer in Latin America, as is this technological implementation.

For AXESS and Intelsat it is a privilege to be part of these campaigns. The field of application of satellite technology in all CEDRO programs and the Esperanza Amazonica Medical Program is scalable and will allow many more communities to access the digital world, not only contributing to health and mental well-being, but also closing the digital gap in the most vulnerable and remote towns in Peru.