Proxy server to protect internet privacy
12 February, 2024
AXESS’ Multi-orbit Solution: our most versatile solution.
1 April, 2024
Proxy server to protect internet privacy
12 February, 2024
AXESS’ Multi-orbit Solution: our most versatile solution.
1 April, 2024
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Sectors that make use of satellite connectivity

Satellite connectivity plays a critical role in the development of various industries by providing reliable communications and access to critical data in areas where terrestrial infrastructure is limited or non-existent.

Satellite communication is a key enabler of industrial development by overcoming geographical barriers and providing access to essential communications and data around the world. This not only improves efficiency and security across various industries, but also encourages innovation and digital inclusion.

Following, highlighted are some ways in which satellite connectivity contributes to the development of industries:

Telecommunications and Information Technology (IT)

  • Satellite connectivity enables the expansion of mobile phone and broadband Internet services in rural and remote areas, increasing connectivity and digital inclusion.
  • Facilitates emergency connectivity in disaster situations, which is critical for response and rescue coordination.


  • Satellite data is used for crop monitoring, irrigation management and agricultural decision making based on Earth’s observation.

Transportation and Logistics

  • Satellite connectivity is used in the management of vehicle fleets, allowing real-time tracking and efficient route management.
  • It contributes to the safety of transportation and navigation, especially in maritime and air navigation.


  • Facilitates remote monitoring and control of energy infrastructure, such as solar and wind power plants, pipelines, and power grids. It contributes in the management of natural resources for energy production.

Mining and Petroleum

  • Satellite connectivity is used in the management of mining and oil operations in remote and often inhospitable areas.
  • Facilitates production monitoring and worker safety in isolated locations.

Medicine and Telemedicine

  • Satellite connectivity enables telemedicine in rural and remote areas, enabling remote medical consultation and transmission of medical data for diagnosis and treatment.
  • It contributes to medical care in emergency situations and in regions without access to adequate health services.

Media and Entertainment

  • The distribution of multimedia content through satellite connectivity allows us to reach global audiences, which is fundamental in the entertainment industry.
  • Facilitates the transmission of live events and streaming services in areas without access to high-speed terrestrial networks.

Science and Exploration

  • Satellite data is essential for scientific research in areas such as Earth observation, climatology, astronomy and space exploration.
  • It facilitates global collaboration between scientists and research teams.

Education and Training

  • Satellite connectivity enables distance education and training in areas where educational infrastructure is limited.
  • It contributes to the expansion of learning opportunities around the world.

Maritime Exploration and Fishing

Satellite connectivity is used in navigation and vessel tracking, as well as in sustainable fisheries management.

Defense and Security

Governments use satellite connectivity for secure communications, surveillance, reconnaissance, and coordination of military and national security operations.

AXESS solutions for different sectors

We work proactively to deliver personalized satellite connectivity solutions, anticipating your needs to exceed your expectations and become your technological partner.

We understand your operation and adapt our processes to facilitate yours, so you can focus on growing your business.


Gathering the necessary resources to meet the needs of our ever-growing economies around the world has become an ongoing challenge.

Harsh and difficult to access environments such as offshore oil platforms, mining excavations in remote deserts or gas drilling operations sites in frozen soils require high-performance connectivity to remain operational and profitable.

Our satellite solutions are designed to meet advanced connectivity needs and the highest service expectations. They are ideal for: semi or fully automated mines, offshore platforms, wind farms or solar farms, oil pipelines, among others.

AXESS for the oil & gas sector

Connect equipment in the field, increase operational efficiency, improve the safety and well-being of on-site personnel and support your operations from the exploration stage with world-class connectivity.

AXESS for mining

Support your open pit or underground mine with permanent connectivity. AXESS satellite connectivity increases your operational results and allows you to keep your workforce safe, monitor your KPIs through live ERP applications and keep your operations connected to your main offices abroad. In addition to serving their communities with free WiFi, Tele-medicine initiatives or mobile libraries.

AXESS for power generation & distribution

Boost your business with AXESS Networks solutions for your power generation and distribution operations. Satellite connectivity allows you to measure, monitor and adjust your remote operations and impact your operational results instantly.

I want the AXESS satellite solution for the ENERGY sector


Mobile telephony operators and other players in the telecommunications value chain face each time increasing challenges in terms of coverage, service experience, competition and regulatory compliance.

Being able to expand your mobile network in remote and geographically challenging territories is no longer an inconvenience.

Satellite Cellular Backhaul

Mobile operators can easily serve remote or low-volume markets in a cost-effective, fast, and high-quality manner that improves the user experience.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

AXESS offers fully manageable backbone capacity with high availability, bandwidth and low latency, providing a transparent and efficient user experience.

Satellite Teleport Service

AXESS has positioned itself worldwide as the best teleport operator and has 2 TIER3 certified teleports. *Available for the EMEA region.

I want the AXESS satellite solution for the TELECOMMUNICATIONS sector


No matter where in the world your vessels operate, you should know you can rely on the best connectivity solution to meet your needs, from coverage and data performance to quality of service.

AXESS Networks Maritime’s high-quality global network infrastructure offers various bandwidth capacities to meet your requirements.

Our own regional network in KU band is complemented by our global network of key partners, either through the Idirect or Newtec platform.

As a backup to the main VSAT communications, we offer Iridium, FB and/or 4G, which guarantees that our solutions can cover all available satellite capacity.


Your fishing vessels need connectivity to communicate with headquarters, keep your crew informed, operate your fleets efficiently through sensor or IoT solutions, and coordinate new cloud-based systems.

Wind Energy / Offshore Wells

AXESS Networks Maritime understands that the offshore industry increasingly requires effective and reliable communications between the ship and on-shore, making bandwidth absolutely critical.

Our primary focus is to continually optimize the network to ensure that our coverage and capacity remain the best option.


Guest aboard a superyacht or passengers aboard a large cruise ship or local ferry, whatever the business, your passengers will expect high-speed connectivity for their business or pleasure.

Every meeting, every show and every conversation should be enjoyed as seamlessly as it would be on land and with AXESS’s fully managed service, you will get the best onboard experience.

Commercial Shipping Line

As an independent provider of global satellite connectivity, digital solutions and managed services, we provide seamlessly integrated solutions backed by end-to-end SLAs to guarantee near 100% service availability.

Our fully managed end-to-end solution is tailored exactly to your business needs, now and in the future.

I want the AXESS satellite solution for the MARITIME sector


Government and military missions are very sensitive.

AXESS meets these demanding security and reliability requirements with our redundant infrastructure and rapid deployment methods with fast response times.

AXESS’s experienced team of engineers will support your Information Technology area to plan and implement your global network, whether fixed, mobile or hybrid.

Defense and early responses – Government Institutions – Emergency response and disaster recovery

I want the AXESS satellite solution for the GOVERNMENT sector


AXESS designed tailored solutions to meet advanced connectivity needs and high service expectations for concurrency, availability and high-performance applications for the business sector such as Internet, voice and transactional data.

Your company will have the best connection and availability, with high performance for all the applications that your business requires.


Main channels for internet and data transmission, billing, CRM, ERP and cloud-based corporate applications, Videoconferencing and corporate events.


Online billing, cash and inventory control systems. Use of transactional applications such as ATM-POS, points of sale, payment authorizations and dataphones. Backup solutions that guarantee the continuity of the operation by maximizing availability at the point of sale.


ATMs, terminals/dataphones and payment authorizations. Money collection and placement systems and basic banking systems. Connecting remote locations to the central network. Backup solutions that ensure the commercial continuity of any type of operation.


Civil works production and control systems, online video surveillance. Automatic highway tolls and general infrastructure construction. Casinos and well-being of human talent at remote camps, inventory control systems and occasional monitoring systems and transactional data transmission.

I want the AXESS satellite solution for the BUSINESS sector

Humanitarian Services

Humanitarian Services: Disaster recovery and response teams need quick responses when arriving at disaster areas, so communications become critical.

Rapidly deployable communications are essential to inform and coordinate logistical and support measures. Satellite solutions provide reliable access to data and voice communications for disaster recovery teams.

• With AXESS satellite solutions for non-governmental organizations we cover a wide range of requirements ranging from satellite phones to high-capacity mobile terminals, easy to transport and self-pointing, ready to use at any time and place.

•    NGOs

•    Health

•    Education

Our teams support your endeavors

Together with your experts on site, we plan customized solutions based on your requirements. AXESS also offers training to foster independency of your teams.

Solutions that fit your requirements

We scale solutions to fit your needs. Keeping operations cost-efficient and flexible to keep you moving as you provide support for those in need.

I want the AXESS satellite solution for the HUMANITARIAN SERVICES sector