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4 July, 2017
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18 July, 2017
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Satellite Antennas an alternative for the mining industry

The best alternative to transmit data in the mining sector is the use of satellite antennas

For a company it is very important to be able to transmit data easily, this allows the coordination of objectives and achieve better results. For companies in the mining sector that have bases in remote and hard-to-reach places, it is extremely necessary to have good communication, since it should not only be responsible for extracting mineral resources, which in itself is already a milestone of engineering.

Transmitting data easily allows you to coordinate different groups that work simultaneously and depend on each other: extractors, transporters, safety and planning equipment, to name a few examples.

“A successful company is one that can coordinate its elements in a way that maximizes its production,” says Miguel E. Rodríguez, vice president of countries at AXESS. “Telecommunications technologies tend to handle this process effectively, but in the mining sector in particular it is complicated, because of the inherent conditions of the industry make it difficult to exchange information.”

In terms of data transmission, almost all technological barriers have been overcome and satellite internet companies have made this possible.

In the mining industry there are many limitations for data transmission, since underground areas are difficult to access and the coverage of traditional radio waves can become quite weak to penetrate obstacles and mine surfaces; and if wired communication has a high probability of landslides or explosions.

“The alternative is to use geostationary satellite links to enable the sending of Wi-Fi signals underground,” said Rodríguez. “To achieve this, very small aperture terminals (VSAT) must be installed. VSATs installed on the surface receive, via satellite, signals in the Ku and C bands, and can provide connectivity throughout the mine along with an underground Wi-Fi infrastructure. These bands are widely used in satellite communications, and their applications range from cellular telephony to NASA space transmissions.” In Latin America it is increasingly common to transmit data in remote areas reliably and efficiently using satellite antennas. However, in the mining sector satellite solutions have become indispensable. (See satellite phone)