Learn about the trends and news of satellite technology

Learn about the trends and news of satellite technology

30 May, 2023

What is a satellite antenna?

The satellite or dish antenna is a device mainly responsible for receiving or transmitting high-frequency electromagnetic waves from the Earth to satellites that orbit in free […]
30 May, 2023

4G and 5G networks, main advantages and differences.

Cellular networks are wireless networks that allow mobile devices to connect to the Internet and communicate with each other. Thus, they use radio waves to transmit […]
30 May, 2023

Telemedicine and satellite internet to improve the health sector

With telemedicine, doctors and patients could communicate remotely using satellite internet. A good, reliable and continuous Internet service is a necessity for hospitals and health centers, […]
30 May, 2023

How satellite internet works

We know that this question has been asked many times, since technology is one of the matters that generates the most concerns among users, especially if […]
30 May, 2023

What is bandwidth, speed and latency in an internet connection.

We know, so many technical terms and the way we use them on a daily basis create confusion. The truth is that, when connecting to the […]
10 May, 2023

AXESS Networks will connect  more than 700 new 4G nodes via satellite for CFE Telecomunicaciones “Internet for All”

Mexico City (Mexico), May 4, 2023. CFE Telecomunicaciones “Internet for All” (CFE TEIT) continuing to comply with the National Development Plan 2019-2024 of the Presidency of […]
9 May, 2023

“Connectivity With Purpose” – AXESS Networks and POULSAT partner to ensure Digital Inclusivity in Schools in Niger

Cologne/Bonn (Germany) / Washington D.C. (USA) / Niger (Africa), May 8th, 2023 – AXESS Networks (AXESS), a global leader of satellite communications solutions, and POULSAT, a […]
4 April, 2023

AXESS Networks Expands Offshore Connectivity in Northern Europe

A Scandinavian Communication Service Provider chooses AXESS Maritime for its Operations Athens (Greece), April 3, 2023 – AXESS Networks Maritime, a global leader of satellite-based maritime […]
28 March, 2023

Empowering Global Health with Telemedicine

AXESS Networks, COMITAS e-Health and Wazima Health join forces to revolutionize healthcare with eHealth solutions in Africa Cologne/Bonn (Germany), Madrid (Spain), London (England), March 28, 2023 […]
11 January, 2023

WTA Annual Ranking: AXESS Networks among the Best Teleport Operators in the World

Barcelona, (Spain), January 10, 2023 –The World Teleport Association (WTA) published its annual rankings for the Top Teleport Operators of 2022 on January 5, 2023. The […]
10 January, 2023

Announcement of partnership: AXESS Networks and Es’hailSat join forces in Qatar

Sign Multi-year, Multi-service Agreement for providing Teleport & VSAT services in Qatar and across the Gulf & MENA region Doha (Qatar) / Cologne/Bonn (Germany), January XX, […]
30 November, 2022

Network topologies

Network topology refers to the way links and nodes in a network are organized to relate to each other. Topologies are classified as physical network topology, […]