Do you know what solar interference is and how it will affect your service?
18 September, 2018
How does a satellite Internet link work?
30 September, 2018
Do you know what solar interference is and how it will affect your service?
18 September, 2018
How does a satellite Internet link work?
30 September, 2018
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Avoid 5 mistakes when choosing a satellite internet provider

Choosing a satellite internet provider is not a simple task, since each company has different infrastructure, coverage, technologies, processes and commercial offer. Therefore, when selecting the organization providing this service, it is necessary to be very thorough with all the details, since if a correct choice is not made, the results will have a negative impact on your company’s business.

While it is true that some suppliers are not crucial, it is also true that others are of vital importance, since they have an impact on the financial results of the company and although there is no master plan to follow, the ideal supplier is the one who gives the buyer what they need, but there is much more than that. Therefore, on this occasion, you will find 5 mistakes to avoid when choosing your telecommunications ally so that in the future it becomes a fundamental part of your corporation and not a headache.

1. Do not request clear information

Achieving absolute trust is one of the ideals of the company-supplier relationship. To reach this goal, the first step and one of the most important that you should evaluate is that the company willing to provide connectivity solutions is concrete in terms of the processes of execution, support, benefits and advantages, which will help meet your needs 24/7.

Therefore, commercial and marketing managers recommend that in order to have the greatest amount of details about a company it is appropriate to compare the same variables between the different options of suppliers that you have.

For example, if you are looking for a satellite internet provider, look for the offer in this sector, analyze the most prominent companies and the differences between them; This will allow you to have a total domain of the subject and to know details as simple as that a home channel does not necessarily have the same structure as a business one, since in both cases both the design and the offer changes; In this case you compared before and built enough criteria to make the purchase decision.

2. Ignore their industry standards

Publicizing and showing the certifications with which, the company is working demonstrates innovative performance in accordance with your company’s offer. This aspect is not only a bridge to build trust, but also allows you to be certain of the company’s compliance with the mission in your work team and that the choice will not represent a risk for the organization accordingly to the requirements of your sector, whether Petroleum and Gas, Mining, Energy, Infrastructure, Banking, Commerce, Agribusiness and Fisheries.

So, when choosing a supplier identify that the portfolio, they are offering is focused on effectively solving the needs, operations, timelines and requirements in your company.

3. Not knowing in detail the services that each provider offers

The 360 solutions on the satellite internet are key to making your company more competitive in the market and its benefits stand out. Therefore, it is very important to know the entire portfolio that your suppliers offer as this will save you time and improve the performance for your company’s operations.

The ideal satellite internet provider is one that does not limit itself to offering you a single channel, since it will always have as a priority that your company has full telecommunications coverage, regardless of whether emergency situations arise. For customer, the most important issue will be their connectivity and they will always want to give customer the majority of services to fully comply with this objective.

4. Do not inquire about current clients and their success stories

The background of the supplier company is very important when choosing it, because it is necessary that it has worked with several clients and that it is specialized in via satellite Internet so that your company is always connected, in terms of real-time data traffic, voice and video.

Verify with clients of this supplier or leading companies in the sector that the information provided is true and, in this way, you can be certain of the different value proposals that contemplate timelines, costs, service, infrastructure and quality. Collect as many recommendations possible and construe your own assessment, which will be key when contracting your satellite provider.

5. Skip the technological infrastructure.

The satellite internet has a wide range of customizable technology solutions for different markets, so the provider you choose must have full support for greater performance and connectivity reliability, not knowing this information in detail can affect productivity in the different work areas in your company. Therefore, know about the teleports of this supplier, the operation centers, in which countries they are, how many stations they have and which technological partners they work with.

Also, inquire about the competitive advantages of the supplier in the market. Since a company that does not have a clear and prominent advantage or proposal, will offer its services under price premises, which is not an indicator of quality. Identify the references and recognitions that the company has in your economic sector.

At AXESS, we have 15 years of experience in providing satellite connectivity services with availability greater than 99.6%, with a team focused on offering the best service experience for sectors such as Oil and Gas, Mining, Energy, Infrastructure, amongst others; we currently have over 800 business clients in Latin America with whom we are committed to provide solutions tailored to their business and industry.

Also, at AXESS we have been recognized by the World Teleport Association (WTA) for 5 consecutive years as one of the 20 most important independent teleports in the world, in addition, the number 1 in Latin America in 2017. With us you will have 24/7/365 service, support throughout the sales and after-sales process, regional coverage, clear and concise information and effective support in all your needs.