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14 November, 2019
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Axesat and CETel merge and AXESS Networks is born, the new global satellite leader

Axesat and CETel merged and AXESS Networks is born, the new global satellite leader.

Thanks to the support of Aksiom Group Limited, an specialist in the acceleration and provision of strategic, commercial, management and capital resources to companies with high growth potential; two leaders in satellite communication solutions: Axesat (Latin America) and CETel (Europe), joined forces together to create a new global leader in the corporate telecommunications industry: AXESS Networks (AXESS).

This successful merger, was realized by two key factors in these companies: on the one hand, CETel’s broad experience as an independent leader of satellite, fiber and wireless communications solutions worldwide, with fixed and mobile satellite services to various markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and Axesat’s leadership and commercial strategies in the Latin American market for more than 16 years in customized satellite solutions in the Latin market with more than 8,000 active links and one of the most important infrastructures in the region.

This is why the company provides global coverage to a broad customer base in the industrial, energy, oil and gas, mining, telecommunications, infrastructure, maritime, commerce, government and non-governmental organizations sectors with critical operations in remote locations.

AXESS, which operates in more than 50 countries on 4 continents, with corporate headquarters in Barcelona, ​​Spain, has a global infrastructure, recognized by the WTA (World Teleport Association) at having three main teleports located in Germany, Mexico and Colombia and two alternative ones in Dubai and Peru and works with a highly specialized team made up of more than 200 people operating around 15,000 links worldwide.

The changes in its organizational chart were evidenced in 2 main roles: the current president of former Axesat, Mauricio Segovia was appointed as CEO of AXESS and Guido Neumann, former president and co-founder of CETel became Director of Development.

Mauricio Segovia, CEO of AXESS said that “One of our main objectives is to increase our offer to provide turnkey solutions to telecommunications companies and large corporations” and Guido Neumann, Director of Development (CDO), added that: “The merger between Axesat and CETel into AXESS is a breakthrough in our global diversification and growth strategy”.

Likewise, Christopher Picotte, Executive Chairman of the Board at Aksiom Group Limiteds, said: “Our decision in May of 2018 to participate in CETel was based on: the value of an expert service provider that connects the rapid technological advances offered by satellite operators, with the highly specialized technical and service needs of corporate clients in dynamic and challenging communication environments”. At AXESS Networks we provide key solutions fitted to the needs of our clients’ individual requirements in different economic sectors and industries, areas and operating conditions. For more information about our company’s solutions and services, please visit: