L-Band satellite frequency: countless advantages for satellite communication
17 September, 2019
Axesat and CETel merge and AXESS Networks is born, the new global satellite leader
3 January, 2020
L-Band satellite frequency: countless advantages for satellite communication
17 September, 2019
Axesat and CETel merge and AXESS Networks is born, the new global satellite leader
3 January, 2020
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Advantages of the satellite internet

Faced with the need for 24/7 connectivity for the different economic sectors to develop their commercial activity, telecommunications technology has created in recent years several systems and tools to be at the forefront of this reality, regardless of the different conditions that may block the communication and coverage, such as weather or geographic location. In this way, suppliers of this sector have focused on the creation of alternatives with the capacity to provide a stable and sufficient signal to ensure access to voice, data and communication services to hard-to-reach areas.

One of these options is the satellite internet, which allows connectivity in remote locations without the need for complex ground structures to access the internet service or specific programs and/or developments are required for it to run.

But what problem does it solve?

Installing the infrastructure required to provide the internet service represents a high investment, so the main cities are in general the places that have benefited from access to the network in topics of trade, education and business. Leaving aside companies and institutions located in remote and difficult to access areas.

However, satellite internet is the option that different companies have used to overcome this communication gap, thanks to the fact that satellite internet does not need large investments in terms of infrastructure and provides companies with different benefits such as:

Global high-speed coverage

One of the most representative advantages that satellite internet offers to companies is the ability to provide network anywhere in the world at speeds of several megabits over large distances such as oceans and entire continents, which can be covered with a single satellite in a quickly and easily manner. Likewise, it is also possible to connect many remote locations spread over long distances through a secure private link.

For companies in the offshore oil sector, where it is almost impossible to communicate directly with the headquarters at hundreds of kilometers away, the satellite is the most effective option since due to the curvature of the Earth and many natural obstacles it is difficult to establish a route of Direct communication over long distances.

It provides economy

The installation of the terrestrial internet service represents a high investment in terms of time and money, since it can take several months to deploy fiber with estimated prices between $10,000 and $ 100,000 per mile of fiber. For this reason, since the satellite internet does not need a complex infrastructure for its operation, companies can reduce high costs in terms of construction and ground connectivity.

Multi-device access

The satellite connection can be obtained through different portable and mobile devices, with access to voice and data at high speed, anywhere on the planet. This is an excellent advantage for companies because it allows to carry out your own office activities such as text messages, videoconferences and access to email, amongst others.

Bandwidth Ratio

Satellites that have fixed positions in large oceans, which make part of the 180 station locations on the geostationary orbit, are excellent options for observing natural conditions such as weather, but not for providing data services, due to their own limitation and the bandwidth. However, there are suppliers such as Intelsat, Telesat and Eutelsat that have the capacity to provide gigabit speeds on entire continents.

Service trust

Thanks to the satellite network consisting of a satellite, teleporter, NOC and terminal, the possibility of interruptions in the service is minimum. Which is a great advantage for companies in remote areas that need 24/7 connectivity regardless of any external factors such as weather. Otherwise, it happens with the terrestrial connections, since being mostly with cable or DSL, network cuts occur at any point of the infrastructure.

Quick installation

The satellite internet, whether in mobile and/or portable solutions, can be installed, configured and deployed in less than ten minutes. This represents for any company readiness in the service and a reduction of time in its processes in case of any contingency that requires satellite connection in some remote areas.

Which provider can help with this solution for your company?

One of the most important companies in Latin America in satellite solutions is AXESS, where we currently have a history record of more than 15 years in different countries of the region such as Colombia, Mexico and Chile, amongst others, in different sectors such as oil and gas, mining, energy, infrastructure, banking and commerce; that thanks to our recent merger with CETel, a leading European engineering company, we will become AXESS Networks (AXESS), a new global leader in the telecommunications industry for the corporate market, with more than 200 people operating around 9.000 links in more than 50 countries on 4 continents.

Our satellite connectivity services are aimed at companies with remote locations and critical needs for 24/7 reliable connectivity with an availability greater than 99.6% and immediate contingency response capability. Some of our solutions range from satellite connectivity, mobile satellite connectivity, backup satellite links and satellite cellular backhaul. If you have any questions and/or want to know more information about our satellite connection solutions according to your company’s needs, please contact us! We have qualified professionals for each application and economic sector.