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25 February, 2021
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AXESS Networks Establishes Commercial Maritime Business Unit

Barcelona (Spain), April 1, 2021 – AXESS Networks (AXESS) today announced the creation of a new business unit: AXESS Networks Maritime. This highly specialized business unit was established to respond to the growing and sophisticated demands within the maritime sector. AXESS Networks looks to further demonstrate its global leadership by delivering a fully managed hybrid communications solutions to an evolving digitalized maritime market which constantly seeks reliable, secure, and flexible connectivity.

Operating across the spectrum as diverse from merchant maritime commercial fleets to private yachting charter, the demands for higher secure throughput rates are critical. Crew and passengers require and expect the experience of broadband connectivity to that found onshore.  And in addition to connectivity, a trusted first-class support and secure infrastructure being fundamental to the overall user experience.

“The maritime business initiative is a major step within AXESS’ growth and diversification strategy which keeps writing the AXESS success story”, says Guido Neumann, President AXESS EMEA and Chief Development Officer AXESS, and adds, “AXESS will present tailored connectivity solutions to the commercial shipping and yachting markets, whilst focusing on their specific requirements. We are very happy and excited to attract highly experienced professionals of the maritime ecosystem to join our team. The new business unit will be led by Athina Vezyri, a major respected figurehead within the maritime sector. This initiative enables AXESS to participate in enabling organic growth opportunities in what is an exciting dynamic maritime market. “

“I am delighted to head this new business unit with a dedicated team of experts”, states Athina Vezyri, President AXESS Networks Maritime. “In recent times, the focus on the customer experience has suffered, our aim is to reset that expectation. We are fully committed to focusing on exceeding the customers’ expectations with providing unrivaled connectivity services and support for their operations. AXESS Networks Maritime will be the go-to solution for global and regional operating fleets. By establishing this business, we seek to disrupt the market and provide tailored solutions and value-added services that exceeds every captains’ imagination.”

AXESS offers a global seamless network for maritime operations to meet the very highest service expectations. Furthermore, AXESS offers a wide range of value-added services, such as cyber security, crew welfare, modular hardware platforms, hybrid technologies and others to fully support customer operations. The service offerings will support global or regional operating commercial fleets up to private yachting. 

The new business unit will be headquartered in Greece and starts operating as of April 1, 2021.

About AXESS Networks

AXESS Networks is a global leader of satellite-based communications solutions. It provides turnkey solutions tailored to the individual requirements of its clients. AXESS Networks has been founded in 2019 out of two well-established companies in Europe and Latin America. It operates and owns Teleports in Germany, Colombia, Mexico, KSA, and UAE. AXESS Networks delivers exceptional service quality to its customers wherever and whenever they are in need. Today, AXESS Networks has a proud team of more than 200 employees, that operates around 9.000 sites in more than 50 countries on four continents.

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