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18 February, 2019
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How to measure satellite internet speed or speed test – speed test

When you hire an internet service for your company, either wired or satellite, the provider company usually tells you what is the connection speed you will have in your company. However, this speed can be very relative due to interference such as weather, trees or environmental conditions such as heat or vibrations, which can generate doubts at your company, about the fulfillment of the service, that is, you are actually and effectively receiving all the speed that you hired. Therefore, in order to clear out these concerns in this article you will learn how to measure the speed of wired or satellite internet and to recognize which are the most effective tools to do so.

At present, there is a very common process that you can execute to know the connection speed you have at your workplace, this process is an online test, which gives you information about your speed and usually consists of several consecutive steps such as: measure the PING (response time of your connection), initiate a download process, to know what is the reached speed and finally measure the upload speed (It is recommended that before doing the test, it is not performing any activity or download that consumes bandwidth).

But what is the upload and download speed?

The downloading speed or bandwidth consumption defines the speed with which you transfer data from the internet to your device whether it is portable, mobile or Tablet, this means, what is the speed with which you browse on the internet; on the other hand, the upload speed is completely the opposite, here the speed of data transfer from your device to the internet is measured, that is when you upload a photo, a video, or a file.

Where can I take the speed test – speed test?

Today, there are many specialized pages to measure the speed of the connection, some of the most popular that you can find online are, or Speed Test, there are also several internet operators that have their own test.

For example, at AXESS we have our own tool that will allow you to measure the bandwidth of a satellite link in a precise manner and you can access it from any browser. With it, you can measure the traffic speed in KB/ps (upload and download) that supports a channel configured through satellites from a remote link, with latencies greater than 500 ms, which is common in this type of technologies.

What is the difference of our speed test tool to those you can find on the internet?

The “Satellite Speed test” is based on and built in function of the saturation of the channel provided by AXESS; that is, its algorithm is designed to increase traffic thanks to it makes a complete statistical and systematic analysis that provides the conditions of maximum capacity and speed for the needs of your company. After performing the test and depending on the technology used, you should compare the results with the service contracted with the objective that your company is always 100% connected regardless of any factor. On many occasions, companies make the decision to contract a satellite internet service since the coverage is broader and more precise, regardless of external agents such as the weather or the area.