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15 August, 2017
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29 August, 2017
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Smart Islands: satellite coverage from the most remote places

Companies providing satellite internet allow internet connection from anywhere in the world.

In recent years, being connected to an internet network has become a necessary action to perform different daily activities; Being offline becomes a challenge when visiting remote islands, but in these 4 islands, connectivity is not a problem.

El Hierro, Canary Islands

El Hierro in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Spain is the first island that has renewable energy sources, has the Gorona del Viento hydroelectric power plant. The island offers free Wi-Fi to its tourists and was the first island to become “Smart Island”, tourists have the possibility to share all their experiences in real-time.

Madeira, Portugal

The European island located 608 kilometers west of Morocco and 416 kilometers north of the Canary Islands, its landing strip is one of the most complex ones due to the high turbulence caused by air currents in the area. The island has approximately 13,000 public access points for every 20 inhabitants, so connecting there is very simple

Satellite connectivity projects prepare the Galapagos Islands to become a digital city

A large number of paradisiacal destinations around the world have decided to invest in improving the Wi-Fi connection of its inhabitants and tourists, thus promoting more and more visitors to the place.

Providencia, Colombia

Located in Colombia, Providencia has the third largest coral reef in the world and was one of the first islands in the Caribbean to have wireless internet. At that time the mayor of the area mentioned, “technologically, Providencia ceases to be an island and becomes part of the world, the services that are there and the opportunities offered by being connected.”

Galapagos Islands Ecuador

And finally, the Galapagos Islands, a place that inspired the Theory of the Evolution of Species by natural selection of Charles Darwin. They are located in Ecuador and are the first province in this country to have free satellite internet service in all areas.

Recently at the place, Claro Ecuador, a subsidiary of ‘América Móvil’ in collaboration with Eutelsat, a European telecommunications company and AXESS, a leading Latin American company in satellite solutions and data transmission, won the Technological Produ Award for Best Satellite/Telecom Project by installing a 4G-LTE network in Baquerizo Moreno Port and Ayora Port, two cities on the island.

In order to attract more tourists, this satellite internet project was implemented and thus turn the island into a “Digital City”. Galapagos is considered the Ecuadorian province with the highest satellite internet coverage by surpassing Quito and Guayas by 38%, which guarantees good service on the island.

The Produ Awards were held this year in Las Vegas, Nevada and are a tribute to the innovators of the connectivity and satellite communication industry who know how to adapt to the changes and thanks to those who have these satellite solutions available in places as beautiful as Galapagos. With projects such as these, not only it is intended to provide better satellite connectivity to thousands of tourists who visit the islands every year, but to reduce the digital gap among its inhabitants, both objectives of Internet and telecommunications companies in Latin America such as AXESS. See satellite pone