Smart Islands: satellite coverage from the most remote places
22 August, 2017
Success story in Satellite Security for the arrival of Pope Francis
4 September, 2017
Smart Islands: satellite coverage from the most remote places
22 August, 2017
Success story in Satellite Security for the arrival of Pope Francis
4 September, 2017
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Satellite Internet: solutions designed for the Mining Sector in Chile

The AXESS satellite internet services company specializes in providing its services in extreme areas of difficult land access, the internet company has 7 satellites and more than 8,000 active links in Latin America, to provide solutions with capacity exceeding the industry standard.

AXESS has a presence in Chile, Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, offering “Satellite Backup for Mining”, “Data, voice and video transmission”, and “Satellite Connectivity”, these solutions provide bandwidths from 32Kbps up to 15 and 20 Mbps.

Luis Fernando Vargas, General Manager of AXESS Chile conducted an interview with Leaders and Mining, where he talked about how their satellite Internet solutions contribute to permanent satellite connectivity and adapt to different climatic conditions in extreme areas, mainly in mining areas throughout the country.

When talking about connectivity, what are the main requirements of your customers?

The Mining Industry presents scenarios where failures are not allowed, therefore it requires a permanent data transmission of data and in real-time; They are inhospitable places and with very difficult terrestrial access, therefore satellite connectivity is the most appropriate solution.

What solution does AXESS offer?

AXESS has become the leading internet provider of oil and mining companies in Latin America and offers satellite solutions that ensure maximum performance, security and communications efficiency:

– Tailored solutions depending on the requirements of our customers

– Fast response times

– In Latin America the support is 7 x 24

What characterizes your satellite solutions?

Our Satellite Internet services for companies in the mining sector, include advanced technology resources, for which we have tailored solutions for different requirements, including:

Static or Fixed Solutions: recommended for anchoring on rigid vertical or horizontal surfaces, such as walls, for example, long-term installations and surfaces that have support capacity between 60-90 kg, this solution is lower cost than others, since it includes the whole installation.

Mobile solutions: the installation of a satellite connection in vehicle or mobile platform, from anywhere, with GPS technology and military-type connectors for:

– Logging or cementing trucks.

– Trailers for exploratory work.

– Jack Up Fixed Platforms.

Easy transport solutions: this solution has self-supported base antennas, which have been custom designed for our customers with frequent mobility. This solution offers a quick installation, does not require large spaces, and is recommended for:

– Camps without rigid infrastructure.

– Temporary installations.

– Users who auto-install.

What main benefits do you offer for your customers?

One of the main benefits offered by AXESS is the design of customized solutions that fit the needs of each client, depending on the geographical location, mobility, environmental conditions, amongst other terrain factors to consider.

AXESS offers antennas and equipment designed for different needs, providing permanent satellite connectivity from anywhere. We offer different speed options; traffic prioritization, bandwidth, scalability and flexibility in the service. AXESS stands out for having more agile installation times in the market, the installation and implementation of the service is done in a maximum of 10 days from the quotation, with proactive support every day throughout the year. (See satellite