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19 May, 2022
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15 June, 2022
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AXESS Success Stories: The challenge: Connecting the unconnected with WOM Colombia

#AXESSsuccessstories Satellite cellular backhaul accompanied the deployment of the mobile operator WOM Colombia in its entry into the market. To date, it has connected for the first time more than 450,000 people in rural areas, to mobile telephony services using, in some of them, satellite solutions: a commitment by WOM Colombia and AXESS Networks to close the technological gap in the country.

We invite you to learn more details of this implementation from Gonzalo Veas CTO of WOM Colombia and Jaime Enrique Monroy Parra, Director of Transmission of WOM Colombia.

Since the disruptive arrival of WOM Colombia, the market for mobile operators has changed. Fulfilling the connectivity commitment acquired with the national government, WOM Colombia has brought connectivity for the first time to 648 rural communities, in the most remote regions of Colombia and in several of them chose the AXESS Networks satellite cellular backhaul solution over other technologies, benefiting from its quick and easy implementation with high quality and low latencies.

AXESS NETWORKS continues to position itself as the best technological partner in satellite cellular backhaul solutions in Latin America, allowing mobile operators such as WOM to grow their network in record time and integrate the most remote communities, thus closing the digital gap in a cost-efficient and agile way.

Learn more about AXESS satellite cellular backhaul solutions here: Telcos-Cellular Backhauling-axessnet