Conectividad satelital en el entorno empresarial
Satellite Internet in the business and personal environment
18 September, 2017
Satellite Security for the arrival of Pope Francisco to Colombia
22 September, 2017
Conectividad satelital en el entorno empresarial
Satellite Internet in the business and personal environment
18 September, 2017
Satellite Security for the arrival of Pope Francisco to Colombia
22 September, 2017
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The Mining Sector benefits from Satellite Internet

AXESS is a multinational company specialized in satellite connectivity, offering data, voice and video transmission services and Satellite Backup services for the mining sector, with more than 8,000 active links in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, and Central America, and Headquarters in Colombia.

AXESS has stable high-performance connections and bandwidths from 32Kbps up to 15 to 20 Mbps, on platforms adjusted to the needs of the market and industry.

Luis Fernando Vargas, General Manager of AXESS Chile, in an interview with Leaders and Mining, refers to its satellite internet solutions for the mining sector, emphasizing that AXESS technologies comprise customized solutions from the traditional ones; which meet basic connectivity needs, up to solid solutions; designed to meet more advanced connectivity needs.

“Our customers are looking for stable high-performance connections, and that is why today it is not enough to have a main terrestrial channel, in view of the adverse conditions that occur in mining. AXESS connectivity is adaptable to any weather conditions, and allows us today to be present in different mining sites, wind farms, bases in the Antarctic, amongst others” highlights Luis Fernando Vargas.

What are the main needs of your clients in the mining sector?

Companies in the mining sector carry out their operations in various geographical locations around the world and generally in places of difficult access. These conditions cause complex communication scenarios between the site operators and the analysis areas, and also with management and support at the administrative offices.

In this context, the satellite internet plays a key role in making quick and accurate decisions in the mining sector, bringing communication, with services and applications for real-time data transmission, and permanent connection availability.

What satellite Internet solutions does the company offer in the mining sector?

Our company has designed a portfolio of satellite Internet solutions for the mining sector, which guarantee high quality, reliability and communications performance, responding to the great needs of the mining industry’s operations; whether land, sea and in extreme environmental conditions.

Our specialization in satellite solutions, added to the modern infrastructure of our equipment, allows us to provide all kinds of satellite Internet services in the mining sector, to respond to the different needs of the industry, whether in simple operations with basic needs of connectivity or for more solid and demanding operations with specialized and tailored requirements.

AXESS has short response times and 24/7 support throughout Latin America, offering more than 1,000 active links installed in major companies in the oil and mining industry.

What are the main satellite internet solutions that you offer for the mining sector?

SCPC solutions

This solution allows our clients to achieve maximum performance in their business operations with 100% dedicated links capable of supporting high volumes of data, voice and video traffic in real-time.

Backup business continuity

This solution provides our customers with a satellite connection in contingency mode, for environments in which difficulties are experienced with the main terrestrial or satellite communication, ensuring that the operation of their fundamental applications continues to function in case of failure.

Data, voice and video transmission

This service allows to receive and send information from its headquarters to its remote offices and vice versa, this communication is achieved through a real-time satellite internet connection or a private connection.

What benefits does AXESS have for the mining sector?

The main benefit offered by AXESS is permanent satellite connectivity and from anywhere, in addition to different speeds, in symmetry and proportion.

We design our satellite solutions accordingly to the specific needs of our customers, with a guaranteed bandwidth according to the solution.

Some of our general benefits are:

Flexibility in the service.

99.6% resource availability.

Installation in less than 10 days.

• Attention and technical support 7 × 24 all year round. (See satellite phone)