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12 September, 2017
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21 September, 2017
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Satellite Internet in the business and personal environment

Conectividad satelital en el entorno empresarial

Conectividad satelital en el entorno empresarial

Satellite connectivity is present in daily life. Starting from the calls to the different ways in which you browse through the net. Currently, satellite communication is part of one of the most important issues in the modern era and has been relevant to interact with other people around the world.

Taking into account the Federal Institute of Telecommunications in Mexico, the main activities that users perform on the internet when they are at home, is the sending of messages, access to social networks and video playback. 88% of users in urban areas have access to the network and this would not be possible without satellite communications.

Day by day the use of social networks and platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter are intended to identify the relevant trends of the moment, share publications and communicate with people living all over the globe, but also for the business world.

Both companies and individuals have benefited from technological advances in telecommunications

One of the environments that undoubtedly makes this possible and that increasingly relies on satellite connectivity is business. Advances in satellite communication have benefited different industries, from those that provide services used every day to the most complex.

In Latin America, satellite technology allows high-quality communication for the oil and gas sector, by providing facilitating tools for example for workers’ job and extraction processes. For AXESS, a satellite telecommunications company in Latin America, satellite communication services are of vital importance for all companies.

According to Miguel E. Rodríguez, vice president of countries at AXESS, “only in the oil sector, production systems, chemical and gas treatment, seismic exploration and drilling and remote control for the management of drilling equipment at well, are carried out effectively with this technology.”

Thanks to the satellite antennas, it is possible to communicate outstanding events that take place in very remote places, improve work and reduce times, factors that make the satellite industry sector become necessary. For the Latin American countries, the advancement in satellite internet has made a great contribution to the productive life of the countries and it would not surprise us that in a few years, other activities of business and personal value can be carried out. (See satellite phone)