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25 January, 2018
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10 March, 2018
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This is how satellite internet works in the fishing sector

Internet satelital sector pesquero

Internet satelital sector pesquero

The sending of georeferencing is key for the industry.

Today, personal life (such as social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter) is not the only area where the satellite internet can be used, as it also has applications in the business side. The satellite internet fishing sector is an example of this circumstance, because thanks to this type of systems you can make use of tools which facilitate both the work of the workers and the material extraction processes themselves

Amongst the economic activities which are carried out today, one of the most important are those carried out by the fishing sector. In information retrieved by the report The State of World Fisheries and Agriculture, prepared by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the annual per capita consumption of fish has grown steadily in developing regions, since between 1961 and 2013 this volume was increased from 5.2 to 18.8 kilograms, three times more in 50 years.

The commercial importance of this area is increased by the use of fishing sector satellite internet solutions, such as those offered by AXESS as a leading company in the sector. The use of self-pointing antennas in those boats that undertake trips for long periods of time to perform tasks in the different seasons has allowed the establishment of offices at sea.

“Telecommunications technologies do not only serve the entertainment and content generation industries.”

From these operations centers, control and display of those critical production variables can be carried out, such as fuel levels, temperature and humidity monitoring, the online transmission of information from the zones and the supervision of the pumping systems. Likewise, these telecommunication protocols are essential to meet the regulatory and standard requirements of the activity itself.

For these reasons, having a satellite connection within the ships permanently available, enables crews and work teams to request, manage and present information on restricted areas, send georeferencing, stay in touch with the central offices and follow the regulations established in the field of environment and occupational health. It also allows the fishing sector to simplify the operation of its processes through the implementation of online security cameras for a better overall management. Beyond the work squads or the administration and activity management team, satellite communication in the fishing sector also greatly benefits boat crews and to their families. As companies in the industry increasingly prioritize the protection, safety and wellness of their staff, it is essential to have technologies that enable constant contact with crew members. In addition, it opens the possibility to complete training through the network if it is urgently needed or even create virtual recreational spaces. (See satellite phone)