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AXESS is the operator of Teleports Number 1 in Latin America

Axess Networks Operador de Telepuertos en Latinoamérica

Axess Networks Operador de Telepuertos en Latinoamérica

The “Top Teleport Operators” ranking is carried out every year by the World Teleport Association, placing the best teleport operators in the world. Companies from the United States, Germany and Australia are located in the ranking and every year it shows more news. On this occasion, AXESS, leader in satellite solutions in Latin America, is again positioned in the Top 20 with the leader in satellite solutions and we have gained two positions with respect to the previous year, confirming us as the number 1 company in Latin America.

The listing is made annually by the World Teleport Association (WTA) focuses on the satellite communications business from the beginning. In its ranking we can find operators of the most innovative teleports in the world, independent and multinational companies.

The WTA was founded in 1985 and has focused mainly on the most innovative teleport operators around the world, this association helps to maintain and expand markets, and is also concerned with understanding the rapid changes presented in technology, operations and business models.

What are teleports?

Teleports are the terrestrial structure of the global satellite network and facilitate access to terrestrial networks to transponders of orbiting satellite antennas located 36,200 kilometers above the Equator. The difference between teleports and other internet and telecommunications service providers is access to satellite antennas, with this access the reach of mobile technologies, wireless networks, microwaves and fiber is much greater.

At AXESS, as teleport operators we know how to simplify the complexities of the connections and achieve the link with a port on the router. It is worth highlighting the work of other companies included in the “Top Teleport Operators 2017” such as Global Eagle, PlanetCast Media Services and Telstra who have also become experts in content delivery as well as in point-to-point networks. As teleport operators in AXESS we offer business services for internet, voice, IP, data, contingency solutions and business backup, mobility or connectivity solutions for events and emergencies, cellular backhaul. (See satellite phone)