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What is satellite backhaul technology?
23 April, 2018
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We are committed to quality ISO 9001: 2015
11 May, 2018
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We turned 15 years providing satellite solutions in Latin America

We are a company recognized as one of the leaders in satellite internet, we turned 15 years providing communication solutions for the corporate sector both in Colombia and in different countries in Latin America.

Since our beginnings in 2003, as a multinational we have helped different companies to benefit from the benefits of satellite technology as a means of access to the internet and other communications, in remote places or without an adequate connectivity infrastructure, contributing additionally to the mass use of Internet at the business level.

The great acceptance of our customers to this new possibility of Internet access allowed a rapid growth of Axesat in Colombia helping to make it possible the international expansion plan, which would begin to bear fruit in 2005 with the start of operations in Ecuador and several countries Central America and later the opening in the Peruvian market in 2009. Initially in all these countries, our presence as a multinational was established through alliances with important local telecommunications companies that acted as local representatives.

In 2010 we obtained, through Bureau Veritas, the ISO 9001: 2008 quality certification in the provision of satellite telecommunications services from commercial advisory to implementation, post-sale, and solutions support.

In August of 2012, a milestone in our history was marked when we started the first direct operation in a country other than Colombia with the launch of AXESAT Chile.

As a result of our great expansion plan, AXESAT México was born in 2014, thus becoming the leading satellite communication solutions company in Latin America. Later in 2015 we officially constituted AXESAT Peru and AXESAT Ecuador, reaching the complete implementation of the new direct presence strategy in the most relevant markets, as it was visualized in the Axesat’s long-term expansion project in the region.

Amongst the success stories and awards to highlight, we have achieved for 5 consecutive years, the recognition of the World Teleport Association, given to our 2 teleports located in Mexico and Colombia, for being within the 20 most important independent teleports in Latin America and worldwide.

Similarly, the Product Awards Technology event was recently held in the city of Las Vegas, where the technology industry met, to recognize and award the most innovative individuals, competitors and projects with greater social impact, exalting us within the award-winning companies, for having installed 4G-LTE networks in 2 cities of the Galapagos Islands, one of the most relevant tourist destinations in Ecuador and providing internet and communications service to the coastal cities of Baquerizo Moreno Port and Ayora Port. Currently our proudly Latin American company with a presence in Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, has more than 8,000 active services and satellite connectivity and communications solutions for different industry sectors such as Mining, Finance, Infrastructure, Commerce, Oil & Gas, Energy, Agroindustry and Fisheries, amongst others. (See satellite phone)