Ku band satellite frequency
12 August, 2019
Advantages of the satellite internet
14 November, 2019
Ku band satellite frequency
12 August, 2019
Advantages of the satellite internet
14 November, 2019
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L-Band satellite frequency: countless advantages for satellite communication

As we have mentioned in other posts, Band frequencies are made to shorten distances, as far as communications are concerned. In this way, we can infer that satellites are arranged throughout the space, by preserving the way of transmitting messages of all types.

Let’s go to the elementary: one principle says that wavelengths have different properties. To cite an example and understand it better, the wavelengths that have long waves have the property to travel great distances and go through obstacles that find in their way, such as buildings and mountains; but it is also worth noting that the higher the frequency, and in turn, the shorter the wavelength, it will be easier to stop the normal traffic of the waves.

We must talk about a situation that cannot be overlooked, and that is when frequencies are high enough, even above tens of gigahertz, the waves can be stopped by objects that for us can be as simple and small as tree leaves or raindrops, thus causing a recognized phenomenon called “rain fade”, which is overcome by applying more power.

An infallible satellite solution

Many times, we have talked about the advantages that high frequencies offer, such as the Ka Band and Ku Band. We already know their features and ways of use, also, that these allow transmitters to send more information per second. The problem with these high frequencies is that they grant the initial possibility of carrying more information, but they need more power to avoid blockages, also larger antennas and this ultimately means that more equipment must be acquired.

The solution to this dilemma is provided by the L-Band, as it has important characteristics in satellite communication, such as providing more stable global operations, even when the weather conditions are adverse in complicated areas, providing a global network coverage, which It has no interruptions, and that additionally allows broadband communications to mobile users established anywhere around the world.

What are the applications of the L-Band?

This frequency range is one of the most used in a wide variety of satellites worldwide. The L-band antennas give the portable advantage of being small and lightweight, so they are especially used for tactical and mobile operation. Other of the pillars for its use, are given in various systems, including search and rescue operations, such as the case of SARSAT/COSPAS, which we remind are on board some meteorological satellites used by many Americans, as Russians, since this band is ideal for the downlinks present in high resolution satellites.

Frequency range in which Band L operates

To round off the faculties that adorn the L Band satellite frequency, we must say that the L band operates in a range of frequencies ranging from 1,530 to 2.7 Ghz, being the one with the lowest frequency amongst satellite bands used in the market. For its benefit, it has a longer wavelength and, therefore, it is not affected by external factors such as rain, which it does occur with much larger parabolic antenna systems, normally used by the Ku and Ka frequency bands.

Remember that AXESS has other mobile satellite communication services, which are very useful for your company in various fields of action, and with solutions designed especially for each industry. Here we review some of them:

Maritime solutions: unlimited satellite connectivity for vessels, with a global coverage availability of up to 99.9%.

Main Features:

• Turnkey solution (plug & play)

• No initial investment on CAPEX

• Plans with unlimited data usage

• Flexible Plans

• Backup and support

Solutions for sectors such as Fishing, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism:

Fleet Xpress: it is the opportunity for you to discover a new communications standard (High Bandwidth).

Main Features:

• Global availability.

• Bw of up to 6144-1536 Kbps.

• Principal in KA band and Support in L band.

• Unlimited service

Fleet Broadband: specially adapted to provide constant and simultaneous access to different high-speed voice and data services worldwide.

Main Features:

• BW of up to 432-432 Kbps

• Works through L Band

Fleet One: designed to deliver communications in small boats (Low Bandwidth).

Main Features:

• Global availability

• BW up to 100-100 Kbps

• Works with L Band

• Unlimited service

Satellite telephony: we offer satellite telephony service with direct communication through the public telephony network worldwide, with the advantage of doing so in areas without coverage of traditional cellular operators.

Main Features:

• High voice quality.

• IP65 & IK04.

• Ready to use in 45 seconds.

• For regular or emergency use.

• Assistance Button and GPS tracking service.

• Battery: 8 hours of conversation.

• National and international calls in prepaid and postpaid plans.

• Receiving calls even with the antenna put away.

• Text and email messaging services.

Satellite solutions for Government, Military Forces, Energy, Mining, Petroleum, Infrastructure, Maritime, Disaster Assistance and Search and Rescue Organizations sectors:

BGAN: it allows voice and data communication through portable, fixed terminals and for vehicles from anywhere in the world, with an availability greater than 99%.

Main Features:

• Service with global coverage – Inmarsat I-4 satellite network

• Turnkey solution (Plug & Play)

• Ethernet and serial interfaces – Wifi

• Rapid Deployment

• Portable: Low physical requirements (space and energy)

• Maximum bandwidth of 512-512 Kbps

• IP, Voice and SMS, SCADA, IOT, Machine to machine M2M services.

• Security: meets military and government requirements.

Additionally, we have BGAN service for covering sectors aimed at Humanitarian Aid, Banking and Finance, Construction, Communications Media, Mining and Oil & Gas, and BGAN M2M type for companies belonging to the agribusiness, Energy and Oil & Gas.

As you can see, AXESS has an ideal solution for your company to keep in touch with the entire world, always with the best service and unmatched quality. Feel free to explore with us the advances in satellite technology, along with the benefits of working with the L-Band frequency, which helps you improve broadband communications in any weather zone and without hindering your tactical and mobile operational work. We are also present in the market with other solutions designed for any company, in all the cardinal points of the planet.