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1 December, 2017
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25 January, 2018
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Telemetry benefits sending information wirelessly



What is Telemetry and what is it for?

For some years this technology has been present, telemetry allows to measure and remotely track physical quantities to send information and data to the system operator wirelessly. The first form of information transmission was by cable, but nowadays radio waves and satellite communication make modern telemetry possible.

Telemetry is also called remote measurement, and it is used in different industries. Some examples of its use are in the monitoring of water levels in dams, air quality; It also allows soil analysis, gas treatment, flows and seismic exploration in the drilling of oil wells. This technology is frequently used to track objects such as keys or cellular phones and in the development of smart home automation systems.

On satellite technology issues, aerospace telemetry was inaugurated in 1957 with the Sputnik Soviet satellite and from that point on, satellite observation antennas have become tools for conducting various experiments and sending information to Earth successfully.

At AXESS, as leaders in satellite solutions we offer our customers satellite communication services to transmit information from telemetry and remote-control devices that help monitor critical variables in operations and thus make strategic decisions in companies based on the information and data received in real-time. This technology is applicable to alarms, geographic location, speeds, On / off, control of devices and equipment.

Telemetry and remote-control systems are used in space agencies such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the United Kingdom Space Agency and the European Space Agency (ESA) to operate both spacecraft and satellites. In telemetry, communication systems store and transmit information to ground stations in different formats for later processing. Different industries benefit from telemetry, for example, in the energy industry it is used for process control such as voltage, current and power measurement. Telemetry has been used for several years and its benefits are still being researched to optimize its applications, since its use in different industries is increasingly more common. (See satellite phone).