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18 October, 2017
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1 December, 2017
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Geomagnetic storms can cause telecommunications failures


Geomagnetic storms can cause telecommunications failures

Natural events such as the rotation of the earth, shooting stars surprise humanity; some of these actions can have effects on people. A few months ago, an eclipse was carried out, which generated that inhabitants of different areas felt lighter. The surprises of nature and the universe are increasingly common.

Another natural phenomenon present in the universe is geomagnetic storms, a movement of the Earth’s magnetosphere (layer formed by the interaction of the earth’s magnetism and solar wind) that can be caused by waves that collide with the solar wind or a wave made of radiation Usually, the increase in solar wind pressure can compress the magnetosphere while the magnetic fields of the solar wind and the Earth interact transferring energy to the magnetosphere.

This process is divided into three stages:

The solar eruption occurs on the surface of the sun and its origin is due to magnetic reconnection.

Release of electromagnetic radiation, can occur from gamma rays to radio waves, colliding with the Earth for approximately eight minutes.

And finally, coronal mass ejection occurs, this coronal mass can cause damage to satellites, electrical transformers and telecommunications.

On October 13, the Phobos Meteorological Center, located in Russia recorded the presence of a geomagnetic storm on earth for 2 days. Experts on the subject said that the storm would reach magnitude 4 on a scale of 10 and its consequences would be due to temperature and atmospheric pressure. On the other hand, people who are affected by weather changes may have headaches, nervousness or anxiety.

One of the greatest effects, we can witness in the field of telecommunications, specifically in radio navigation systems, since geomagnetic storms can alter the trajectory of radio signals, and generate errors in the information provided by GPS Technological systems can have major failures and satellite communications could be affected for a period of time.

On the other hand, what about satellite antennas? Currently, we provide satellite connectivity solutions that facilitate communication in critical moments such as natural disasters and even, the satellite internet offered by our company has proven to be a safe and reliable internet option for companies. However, the geomagnetic storms come to overcome human power and when they occur, they affect the transmission of signals since the protection generated by the magnetic field causes additional friction on the satellites that orbit the earth at that height. In recent geomagnetic storms satellite communications have been little affected, taking into account previous experiences it can be shown that satellite connections can guarantee the continuity of operations and data transmission; It should be clarified that any data transmission device located in space is vulnerable to these natural phenomena. (See satellite phone).