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2 November, 2017
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12 January, 2018
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How does satellite telephony work?

telefonía Satelital

telefonía Satelital

During the past recent years different events have taught us how important it is to be communicated, since at any time the least expected can happen. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes are proof of this, during these events the failure of communication networks is common, which leaves thousands of people uncommunicated. Thanks to advances in the satellite communications sector, there is a device capable of providing aid in difficult situations and these are the satellite phones.

How do satellite phones operate?

Its operation is very similar to that of a conventional cellular phone, but the origin of the signal is coming from a satellite located in outer space, this guarantees that the communication does not depend on a terrestrial installation and thus reduce failures due to accidents or any other situation.

To make a call with a satellite phone, you just have to dial the desired number, at that time the device will search for the nearest satellite to send the call signal. The next step is when the satellite returns the transmission to Earth to the gateway receiver, which transmits calls to terrestrial systems. If the connection is not successful, the signal returns to space to find another link and connect the call; this process can be carried out as many times as necessary until a receiving terrestrial system is found.

In areas of difficult ground access, satellite phones have become a very useful tool for communications.

When the receiving network is already found, the emitted signal is converted to be taken by any telephone. After the transmission, the recipient will receive the call to contact the other person. If the call is made between satellite phones, data transmission only travels through the satellite and then falls directly to the wanted equipment, without connecting to a terrestrial network. It should be borne in mind that the battery of a satellite phone has an approximate duration of 6 hours on call and its price can reach USD 1,000.

At AXESS, we are leaders in satellite solutions, for years the effectiveness of satellite phones has been demonstrated and we have demonstrated that this technology is an excellent option during times of crisis and emergency where communication fails completely and needs to be restored for a recount of damages, know about the situation and ask for help if necessary. In the oil industry, mining and different government entities such as the armed forces, the use of satellite phone technology works as a useful and versatile solution, satellite telephony is not only used in emergency situations or disasters, it can also be a great business resource. Accordingly to the report Mobile Satellite Communications Markets Survey: Prospects to 2022, the active base of the mobile satellite service segment (MSS) has grown at a CAGR of 10% in the last 5 years, with almost 3 million terminals installed globally during 2012 The satellite telephony industry projects similar levels of growth for the following years, which confirms the positioning of this type of mobile solutions. (See satellite phone)