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29 August, 2017
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12 September, 2017
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Success story in Satellite Security for the arrival of Pope Francis

Last Wednesday, Pope Francis arrived in Colombia in order to renew the faith and bring a message of peace in Bogotá, Villavicencio, Medellín and Cartagena de Indias. To date, all events have run smoothly and a large number of people gathered to receive the blessing of the pontiff.

Following his official agenda, this Friday he arrived at Villavicencio, where he offered the Holy Mass in Catama and then after leading a prayer meeting for national reconciliation. After their activities in the eastern plains’ region, on Saturday he will move to Bogotá and then travel to the city of Medellin, where mobilizations of the Catholic faithful are expected.

One of the most important and remembered moments of the visit of Pope Francis was the Mass held at the Simón Bolívar Park in Bogotá, where he sent a message of faith and hope to the parishioners. “Here you will find multitudes yearning for a word of life, that illuminates all efforts with their light and shows the meaning and beauty of human existence […] but also here, as elsewhere there are dense darkness that threatens and destroys the life,” he said during his speech.

During the campaign mass at Simón Bolívar, around 1.3 million faithful Catholics met whom he blessed after sharing his message of peace. This type of event requires an organized security deployment to avoid any inconvenience that may arise. For this reason, AXESS, a leading satellite solutions company, attended to protect the safety of the pontiff, his entourage and the thousands of attendees expected during the visit. A hot air balloon is available to monitor the strategic points where the activities of Pope Francis will take place, the monitoring of the movements performed at each moment will be carried out both in Bogotá and Medellín. The globe includes a high-definition camera, which, thanks to the satellite connectivity granted by the company, has no geographical restrictions, has data availability at all times and is a viable option for large-scale events. (See satellite phone)