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21 September, 2021
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22 March, 2022
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AXESS SATELLITE CELLULAR BACKHAUL The solution that leveraged the growth of MNOs in Latin America in 2020 and 2021

Bogotá, December 1, 2021. In the last two years AXESS Networks has positioned satellite technology in Latin America as the most suitable means for the growth of the main MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) and Wholesale Mobile Operators. The satellite cellular backhaul solutions designed and implemented by AXESS Networks have become a convenient alternative for the expansion of mobile operators, providing them with competitive advantages such as a fast deployment response, performance with low latencies, high speeds and a convenient cost structure tailored to their business.

Thanks to AXESS optimized satellite solutions, the operators from different countries in the region have been able to advance rapidly to close the digital gap in remote populations with difficult access. In addition, these solutions are also allowing the growth of Wholesale Operators and enabling the creation of new MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and MVNEs (Mobile Virtual Network Enablers), expanding and boosting the industry’s chain of value.

Some of the most important projects that have had a great social impact with the growth and coverage of the operator´s networks are:

In Mexico, AXESS has enabled the rapid and efficient expansion of one of the main Cellular Operators’ network, and has also deployed most of the backhaul links for the main wholesale operator in its progress towards the goal of connecting 92% of the Mexican population. In these two large implementations, AXESS has provided comprehensive solutions, taking charge of supplying the satellite infrastructure, installing and putting into operation the sites, managing the network, optimizing the use of capacity and providing all the necessary support to meet the parameters of the operators and the regulatory requirements.

In Colombia, the support of AXESS allowed a leading cellular operator to expand its commercial offer in unattended areas, growing its market share, with 30 Mbps channels and latencies of 650 ms for highly available LTE (Long Term Evolution) voice and data services. With this operator, an AXESS client for many years, other projects are being worked on, such as the enabling of connectivity in the island of San Andrés, which was badly affected after Hurricane Iota, and the implementation of the 700 MHz band with 150 regulatory points in 23 regions of the country.

Also in Colombia, the AXESS cellular backhaul solution was key to the market entry of a new operator, which, thanks to the efficient deployment of satellite cellular coverage, was able to quickly reach its initial goal of having one million users. With this same company, AXESS achieved a milestone for the satellite industry, by its backhaul satellite solution being selected, competing directly with a fiber optics alternative. The reasons mentioned by the client were the very fast implementation, standardization of the solution, optimized costs, and support and service capacity.

In Peru, AXESS operated for some years now, a sophisticated redundant solution to provide a 1GB backhaul channel in the isolated and very rainy area of Iquitos. And recently, coverage expansion projects have been deployed for two other major operators, reaching populations difficult to access for terrestrial technologies with cellular coverage in areas such as the Amazon and Yauyos.

An additional confirmation of the trust and acceptance of AXESS’s satellite cellular backhaul solutions was the award of a large cellular backhaul channel for the city of Leticia in Colombia, which has recently been put into operation.

In order to become the satellite technological ally of the main cellular operators in the region, AXESS made significant investments in infrastructure, incorporating 2 state-of-the-art satellite hubs, expanding its teleport in Colombia and implementing a second Tier3 teleport in Mexico.

About AXESS Networks

AXESS Networks is a world leader in satellite telecommunications solutions. It provides turnkey solutions tailored to the individual requirements of its customers. AXESS Networks was founded in 2019 from two well-established companies in Europe and Latin America. It operates and owns its own teleports in Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. AXESS Networks offers an exceptional quality of service to its clients where and when they need it. Today, AXESS Networks proudly has a team of more than 200 collaborators, operating around 15,000 sites in more than 50 countries on four continents. It was recognized by WTA as the best independent teleport operator in 2021. www.axessnet.com

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AXESS Networks AMÉRICAS: Santiago Castellanos – Marketing Director: santiago.castellanos@axessnet.com