Trends and News in Satellite Communications

2 July, 2018

Satellite Manufacturing Considerations

Materials, weight, function and orbit must be taken into account Satellite manufacturing considerations are a key element to consider in its construction. In space there are […]
7 June, 2018

Telemedicine and satellite internet for improving the health sector

With telemedicine doctors and patients could communicate remotely using satellite internet A good reliable and continuous Internet service is a must for hospitals and health centers, […]
23 May, 2018

Satellite backup a backup channel, why is it important?

Through satellite backup you can have a backup channel, you can be prepared for any eventuality. Currently, it is essential for companies to prepare for any […]
11 May, 2018
certificacion iso 9001:2015

We are committed to quality ISO 9001: 2015

At Axesat Inc. we have successfully completed our certification auditing process in the transition of ISO 9001: 2015. This achievement positions us as one of the […]
27 April, 2018

We turned 15 years providing satellite solutions in Latin America

We are a company recognized as one of the leaders in satellite internet, we turned 15 years providing communication solutions for the corporate sector both in […]
23 April, 2018
backhaul satelital redes celulares

What is satellite backhaul technology?

Satellite backhaul technology is essential to extend cellular coverage. Technological advances in different sectors, such as telecommunications, allowed the world to have connectivity at all times, […]
21 March, 2018
satelite en colombia

Does Colombia need a satellite?

We present the position of Miguel Eduardo Rodriguez, founding partner and vice president of countries and strategic accounts of AXESS regarding the discussion generated as to […]
20 March, 2018
Tecnologia satelital para el backhaul celular en Latinoamerica

The potential of satellite Technology for cellular backhaul in Latin America

Latin America, great potential of satellite technology for cellular backhaul. As it is known in the sector, the terrestrial cellular networks already per se, by themselves […]
10 March, 2018
Tecnologia 5G se acerca y beneficiará el internet de las cosas IoT

The arrival of 5G – IoT technology is approaching

IoT of the areas most benefited by 5g technology. Technological advances in the different sectors have allowed both companies and governments and customers to have a […]
10 March, 2018
Internet satelital sector pesquero

This is how satellite internet works in the fishing sector

The sending of georeferencing is key for the industry. Today, personal life (such as social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter) is not the only area […]
25 January, 2018
Axess Networks Operador de Telepuertos en Latinoamérica

AXESS is the operator of Teleports Number 1 in Latin America

The “Top Teleport Operators” ranking is carried out every year by the World Teleport Association, placing the best teleport operators in the world. Companies from the […]
12 January, 2018

Telemetry benefits sending information wirelessly

What is Telemetry and what is it for? For some years this technology has been present, telemetry allows to measure and remotely track physical quantities to […]