Trends and News in Satellite Communications

18 February, 2019

Satellite Internet in rural and remote areas

Satellite Internet: the solution that allows rural areas to connect But then, how can companies that mostly develop their production process in isolated areas and do […]
11 December, 2018

Critical operations with satellite technology

Guillermo Santos, CEO of AXESS Mexico talks about the deployment of satellite connectivity in Mexico. Satellite technology allows communication and Internet to reach places where terrestrial […]
3 December, 2018
La importancia de la conectividad en las plataformas petroleras

The importance of connectivity on oil platforms

From communication with family members or real-time monitoring of processes, up to enhance the Internet of Everything. During the seventy’s decade of the twentieth century, faced […]
3 December, 2018

49th anniversary of Arpanet, the Internet predecessor

On November 21 of 2018, the 49th anniversary of the commissioning of the first link of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (Arpanet) was commemorated, the […]
22 November, 2018
Conectando Perú por mar y tierra Por Mauricio Segovia, CEO de Axesat

Connecting Peru by sea and land By Mauricio Segovia, CEO of AXESS

Our president Mauricio Segovia explains us how we are giving full coverage in Peru to two key sectors: fishing and telecommunications. See here some of our […]
30 October, 2018

Why bet on differentiation through service experience?

In an industry that is transforming, which is increasingly competitive and tending to commoditization, it is vitally important to have a differentiator that positions us before […]
30 September, 2018

How does a satellite Internet link work?

The purpose of satellite links is to eliminate the limits in communication globally One of the main advantages that the satellite Internet offers in comparison to […]
21 September, 2018

Avoid 5 mistakes when choosing a satellite internet provider

Choosing a satellite internet provider is not a simple task, since each company has different infrastructure, coverage, technologies, processes and commercial offer. Therefore, when selecting the […]
18 September, 2018

Do you know what solar interference is and how it will affect your service?

Sunday comes and you sit down with your family to enjoy one of the most common plans on a weekend: watch TV. The movie or the […]
27 August, 2018
Como se capturan los datos satelitales

How are satellite data captured?

Images, weather signals and television broadcasts are just some of the satellite data captured. While satellites are very dependent on the type of orbit in which […]
27 August, 2018

Satellite phone: know the 5 sectors that use them the most

know the 5 sectors that use them the most. At present, communication options between companies are increasingly wide and focused on the needs of each sector, […]
27 August, 2018

What has been the evolution of the satellite industry in the face of new consumer demands in the market?

It is no secret to anyone that the lifestyle and needs of people and companies have changed dramatically thanks to technological advances and the need to […]