Trends and News in Satellite Communications

Learn about the trends and news of satellite technology

Learn about the trends and news of satellite technology

25 July, 2019

Ka Band satellite frequency

Ka Band satellite frequency, an ally in corporate satellite communication Specialized users have a good option in terms of satellite services. This is the ka band […]
30 April, 2019

Differences between BGAN and VSAT

The differences between BGAN and VSAT Solutions in the world of technology advance to improve our work and provide services in a timely and agile manner. […]
29 April, 2019

VSAT satellite technology: What is it and how does it work?

Volatility and speed of communications is one of the challenges currently facing thousands of companies operating in remote or hard-to-reach places. Because of this, it is […]
31 March, 2019

Learn what BGAN satellite technology is and what its applications are

Connecting to the internet and making a phone call at the same time, from anywhere on the planet, except from extreme polar regions, today is possible […]
14 March, 2019

AXESS: best teleport operator company in Latin America 2018

The World Teleport Association (WTA), for its acronym in English, was founded in the year 1985 with the aim of strengthening, highlighting and seeking constant innovations […]
22 February, 2019

How to measure satellite internet speed or speed test – speed test

When you hire an internet service for your company, either wired or satellite, the provider company usually tells you what is the connection speed you will […]
18 February, 2019

Satellite Internet in rural and remote areas

Satellite Internet: the solution that allows rural areas to connect But then, how can companies that mostly develop their production process in isolated areas and do […]
11 December, 2018

Critical operations with satellite technology

Guillermo Santos, CEO of AXESS Mexico talks about the deployment of satellite connectivity in Mexico. Satellite technology allows communication and Internet to reach places where terrestrial […]
3 December, 2018

The importance of connectivity on oil platforms

From communication with family members or real-time monitoring of processes, up to enhance the Internet of Everything. During the seventy’s decade of the twentieth century, faced […]
3 December, 2018

49th anniversary of Arpanet, the Internet predecessor

On November 21 of 2018, the 49th anniversary of the commissioning of the first link of the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (Arpanet) was commemorated, the […]
22 November, 2018

Connecting Peru by sea and land By Mauricio Segovia, CEO of AXESS

Our president Mauricio Segovia explains us how we are giving full coverage in Peru to two key sectors: fishing and telecommunications. See here some of our […]
30 October, 2018

Why bet on differentiation through service experience?

In an industry that is transforming, which is increasingly competitive and tending to commoditization, it is vitally important to have a differentiator that positions us before […]