Trends and News in Satellite Communications

10 March, 2018
Tecnologia 5G se acerca y beneficiará el internet de las cosas IoT

The arrival of 5G – IoT technology is approaching

IoT of the areas most benefited by 5g technology. Technological advances in the different sectors have allowed both companies and governments and customers to have a […]
10 March, 2018
Internet satelital sector pesquero

This is how satellite internet works in the fishing sector

The sending of georeferencing is key for the industry. Today, personal life (such as social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter) is not the only area […]
25 January, 2018
Axess Networks Operador de Telepuertos en Latinoamérica

AXESS is the operator of Teleports Number 1 in Latin America

The “Top Teleport Operators” ranking is carried out every year by the World Teleport Association, placing the best teleport operators in the world. Companies from the […]
12 January, 2018

Telemetry benefits sending information wirelessly

What is Telemetry and what is it for? For some years this technology has been present, telemetry allows to measure and remotely track physical quantities to […]
1 December, 2017
telefonía Satelital

How does satellite telephony work?

During the past recent years different events have taught us how important it is to be communicated, since at any time the least expected can happen. […]
2 November, 2017

Geomagnetic storms can cause telecommunications failures

Geomagnetic storms can cause telecommunications failures Natural events such as the rotation of the earth, shooting stars surprise humanity; some of these actions can have effects […]
18 October, 2017
Bandas de frecuencia satelital

The Ku and Ka Satellite Frequency Bands Used in Satellite Communication

The exchange of information and messages at a distance through the transmission and reception of signals refers to Telecommunications. Satellite technology is one of the most […]
7 October, 2017

Satellite Solutions in Natural Disasters

Communications are one of the first systems that are affected after natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes. With the devastating passage of Hurricane Maria through […]
22 September, 2017

Satellite Security for the arrival of Pope Francisco to Colombia

Bringing a message of peace to the Colombian people is the main objective of Pope Francisco visit to Colombia. 13 main events will be held between […]
21 September, 2017

The Mining Sector benefits from Satellite Internet

AXESS is a multinational company specialized in satellite connectivity, offering data, voice and video transmission services and Satellite Backup services for the mining sector, with more […]
18 September, 2017
Conectividad satelital en el entorno empresarial

Satellite Internet in the business and personal environment

Satellite connectivity is present in daily life. Starting from the calls to the different ways in which you browse through the net. Currently, satellite communication is […]
12 September, 2017
Satélites Geoestacionarios

What are geostationary satellites and what are they for?

The satellites that are 30 thousand kilometers away are geostationary, but what are they and what are they for? Geostationary satellites are those that make orbits […]