Trends and News in Satellite Communications

25 July, 2017

Leading Internet Services companies bring 4G to Ecuador

AXESS, Claro Ecuador and Eutelsat managed the Satellite Internet project in Ecuador Recently the Produ Awards Technology event was held in the city of Las Vegas, […]
18 July, 2017

Use of social networks in space

The event that marked what could possibly be the greatest achievement of the Information Age: The Internet, was when the first message was sent through the […]
11 July, 2017

Satellite Antennas an alternative for the mining industry

The best alternative to transmit data in the mining sector is the use of satellite antennas For a company it is very important to be able […]
4 July, 2017

SpaceX: reuse rocket parts to reduce costs

The space industry bets on the reuse of elements for the construction of new rockets. The golden age of space was during the period of the […]
22 May, 2017

LATSAT 2017, telecommunications, connectivity and satellite communication event

Latest innovations in the satellite communication industry by experts from around the world. The following week will be the fourth edition of LATSAT, the most important […]